There are plenty of obsessions in the world, but few endeavors attract as much devotion as wine. American Wine Story is a documentary about oenological aficionados who have taken their obsessions to the extreme, chasing their dreams with a bottle in one hand and a corkscrew in the other.

We are in post-production, so look for the finished documentary in 2014. Follow our blog and join our mailing list or Facebook page. And next time you pull a cork, remember...behind every bottle, there is a story.

American Wine Story is a feature documentary that tells the stories of the people who make and love wine in America. Take some time to browse the site and watch the trailer.



Catch our film at these fantastic venues, and look for more dates to be added all the time:

River Bend Film Festival, special preview, April 5, 2014

Newport Beach Film Festival, world premiere, April 26, 2014

Newport Beach Film Festival, April 28, 2014

Newport Beach Film Festival, April 30, 2014

Mendocino Film Festival, wine country premiere, May-June 2014

International Pinot Noir Celebration, July 24, 2014


Mendocino Film Festival  River Bend Film Festival  River Bend Film Festival


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About the filmmakers

American Wine Story is a feature documentary by Three Crows Productions, a collective of Oregon filmmakers.


Additional Contributors

Tiago Vieira - executive producer

Oliver Day - animation and graphic design

Douglas J. Weiss - composer

Glenn Alexander - composer



Corvallis and Portland, Oregon
(660) 537-5009

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