Run time

25 minutes


Jake and Charity have been best friends since childhood, and Jake’s been in love with her as long he can remember. But there are two complications: they’re cousins, and Charity’s getting married.

Now Jake’s forced to not only witness her shotgun marriage to the town punk, but also serve as the best man. And his last chance to let her know how he feels is when he’s called up for the toast.

A Country Wedding is a sad, funny tale of love gone wrong in a small town. It’s the story of two kids growing up fast and forced to face a future different from anything they imagined.


The public premiere of A Country Wedding was at the Da Vinci Film Festival on Saturday, March 13, 2010. The film also screened at the Salem Film Festival in October 2010.

Feature Script

Want to know more about the characters from A Country Wedding? Follow the exploits of Jake and Charity in Killing Crows, a feature screenplay that takes two small town kids on a journey of love, loss, rage and the frustration of growing up in a world too small for the imagination.

Contact David Baker for more information.

Cast and Crew

Writer, David Baker
Directors, David Baker, Justin Smith

Charity, Rachel Risor
Jake, Eric Leman
Jan, Paul Turner
Mary Beth, Teesha Lane
Billy, Broderick Boyd
Freddy, Richard James
Nevada, Kiaha Rasmussen
Alice, Alice Tucker
Reverend Mal, Eric Nepom

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Behind the scenes on A Country Wedding

Here’s a video we put together for the cast and crew of our 2010 short, A Country Wedding. Shot in Summer 2009, we screened at the Da Vinci and Salem Film Festivals in 2010. This was our first narrative project and we’re pleased with how it turned out. We had an all-volunteer cast and crew, […]

Country Wedding to screen in Salem

We’re thrilled that our first film project, the short A Country Wedding, will be showing at the Salem Film Festival in October.  Screening schedules haven’t been released yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as they do. We’re in full documentary/fundraising mode now with Vino Veritas, and we’re learning that a doc is quite […]

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First official trailer

And check out our new site for the project at

Country Wedding Audio Remix

We were able to show a preview of A Country Wedding at our wrap party on Saturday night, and it was a huge hit with the albeit biased audience. Wrapping production on the film is a huge step, but now we’ve got several months of post to get it into shape. We’ll be releasing trailers […]

Favorite Production Stills

These images come from the production stills. We have a lot of amazing shots to choose from. We’re in the middle of post now, and there’s a long way to go. But everything looks great.

Behind the scenes footage

We cut together some of the behind the scenes footage from our first rehearsal last Saturday. With a costume designer on board and a handful of new volunteers, plus our final actor, we’re gaining momentum. Behind the Scenes: A Country Wedding from Three Crows Media on Vimeo.

Locations and Casting

We held our last open casting session this past weekend. I’m excited about the talent and what they’re going to be able to bring to this film. We have a mix of theater players, experienced actors and novices. We have two more reads next week and then we’ll be making final decisions. In some cases, […]

Now Casting: A Country Wedding

Three Crows Media will soon begin casting for our fist short film to be shot in August 2009 in the Willamette Valley. Casting will take place on the OSU campus in Corvallis, OR at the Valley Library from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 6*, 2009. Check-in will be in room 1832. You […]