We’re starting a Twitter campaign around the #winemovie tag to encourage wine and film enthusiasts to come up with their perfect movie/vino combination. To help start things off, we’ve been asking all of the winemakers and filmmakers we’ve met and worked with while rolling out American Wine Story about their recommended pairings.

#winemovie - what's your perfect pairing?We’ve had some fascinating suggestions, and we can’t wait to share them. From Katherine Cole’s suggestion of Goldfinger with a ’47 Mouton-Rothschild to Oli Day’s insistence on two bottles of Montepulciano with Once Upon a Time in America (it’s a long picture), we’re queuing up a recipe for some serious binge watching. So keep an eye on the tag and every Wednesday (#WW!) and we’ll roll out a few more recommendations. And of course we want to hear what your favorite combinations are.

Looking for a place to start? List your five favorite movies and five of your favorite wines, then match the best pair, make some popcorn and camp out on the couch and see how it goes.

And what should you drink while watching American Wine Story? While any of the wines from the amazing producers in the film would be a safe bet, the ultimate would be an Alsatian Riesling as old as you can find. You might have to hunt around, but the better wine shops should have it and it won’t break your bank.

Why Alsatian? You’ll have to watch the film to find out!