We recently concluded a Kickstarter campaign that netted us 24 backers and raised a total of $1,261. That may not seem like much, but for indie filmmakers living paycheck to paycheck, it means we’ll be able to travel and capture another wine region that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach.

Maybe it’s a gimmick, or maybe it’s truly part of the spirit of this wired age where we can connect with our audience and actually allow the into the filmmaking process, but we gave them the decision of where we’d film this year’s harvest. They were able to choose between three up and coming wine regions: Okanagan Valley, BC, Monticello AVA, VA, and Colorado’s Grand Mesa.

And the winner is…

Colorado. Based on our weighted system, Colorado edged out BC in a 36-30-4 score. The $1,261 that we raised will all go toward funding the travel expenses needed to bring our crew to the world’s largest mesa, which also features the planet’s highest commercially viable wine growing region.

So thanks to all of our backers for steering our film in two ways: sharing your resources and telling us what we should do with them.

We’re looking forward to sharing the results of a fascinating exploration of this new vinifera growing region, and we’re excited that our film will be able to take on more of a national scope.