When it comes to independent coverage of the world’s most captivating beverage, nobody has been doing it better, longer, and with as much enthusiasm as the guys from Grape Radio. They’ve been podcasting since it first came out, recording interviews and videos with sommeliers, wine writers, vignerons from around the world and just about every rockstar winemaker in the business.

Jay Selman, Eric Anderson and Rusty Gaffney

We spent a few days with Jay Selman, Rusty Gaffney, Eric Anderson and Brian Clark as they shared the inside scoop on the origins of the show, the “epiphany bottles” that turned them into lifelong connoisseurs, and some of their favorite moments during the course of interviewing nearly five hundred of the most noted personalities in the wine industry.

We filmed the recording of one of their shows in their Orange County studio and followed Jay as he prepped for an interview with guest Chad Kearns of Giracci Vineyards, a winemaker who recently opened a tasting room in the canyons southeast of Los Angeles. We toured Chad’s newly planted Granache and Mourvedre vineyards on his 10 acre wine and horse farm and then sat in the studio for the interview on the following day.

Chad Kearnes of Giracci Vineyards

We collected 250 gigabytes of footage, photos and audio, heard tales of wine adventures that would have made Miles from Sideways proud, and shared a few bottles of some fantastic wine during the course of capturing another side of the American wine landscape: enthusiasts with encyclopedic knowledge who use the latest technology to share their passion with thousands of fans around the world.

Jay Selman

The indie wine media universe grows more cluttered by the day, with new blogs, podcasts and Twitter feeds popping up everywhere you look. We even have to add our own project to the mix. But the Grape Radio crew continues to outpace the field, recently winning their second James Beard Award. Once we’ve sifted through the footage we hope to show what drives them to continue to share their enthusiasm for wine and get their insight on what wine means to our culture, what’s the definition of the term wine geek, the tendency of wines to share the personality of the person who made them, and what makes this drink such a significant part of life and culture.