The right way to make wine for Scott Paul Wright is through the gentle handling of Pinot Noir grapes and minimalist intervention. This includes avoiding some of the modern techniques like killing the wild yeast and using lab cultures, extended maceration, cold soaks and additions and subtractions of acids and enzymes.

You’d think that this traditionalist and Burgundy aficionado would be a winemaker who arrived at his particular mature and minimalist style after a long and storied career in the wine business, but for Scott, wine is his second calling. For the past ten years he’s been perfecting the craft of making Oregon Pinot in a French style, but prior to that he was hanging out with the Beatles and planning marketing strategies for Ozzy Osbourne.

Scott was once the most listened-to radio personality as a rock DJ and later a recording industry executive. The story of his transition and transformation into a hands-on winery owner is a fascinating tale of revelation, relocation and giant rabbits.

We had a fantastic interview and were able to learn the inside story that carried him from the LA airwaves to the Willamette Valley. Winemakers everywhere are storytellers, and Scott is no exception. We’re looking forward to integrating the footage from his gorgeous refurbished granary winery in the sleepy town of Carlton, Oregon.

It’s so nice to be back to some of our home wine turf after an interview with the Great Plains winegrower Michael Amigoni and then a whirlwind tour of Sonoma County. The rainy side of the Cascades is begrudgingly making way for some sunshine, and we’re looking forward to spending a lot of time in our local vineyards this season capturing footage on our trusty Canons.

But up next is a trip down to southern Cal for a chat with the godfathers if indie wine media over at Grape Radio. And we’ve got some more surprise visits coming together. Should be a productive second year of filming for Vino Veritas.