Barring any last minute donations, it looks like we’re not going to meet our Kickstarter goal by a fairly wide margin. It’s been that kind of week. I feel like we worked hard and built a lot of support, or at least curiosity, in the local community. Unfortunately, it didn’t translate into dollars pledged at Kickstarter.

But we’ll certainly be moving forward. We may need to rethink the scope: maybe we’ll need to keep it local, turning to regional boosters and local organizations as possible funding sources. That would also certainly cut down on our major production expense: travel costs. Maybe we’ll need to look at overall length and scope.

The success of the project will be defined by what steps we take next. I for one was never comfortable asking strangers for money anyway. Getting money from good friends and family, in these tough economic times, is in some ways less appealing. On the surface, it’s ridiculous: asking others to finance an endeavor that is as incredibly fun and rewarding as making films. And making films about wine, where we’ve talked to fascinating people and passionate storytellers and artisans, and been behind the scenes at some amazing wineries…what can be more enjoyable than that? It’s certainly worth investing more of my own time and money.

So we’ll dust ourselves off and schedule the next shoot. The show must go on. Show me someone who has never failed, and I’ll show you someone who has never tried. Success builds character, failure reveals it…[ insert Zig Ziglar quote here ]

Thanks to all of our amazing supporters, donors and the passionate wine people at WineStyles Corvallis, Airlie and Harris Bridge. We’ve got countless new friends and followers. Everyone who we’ve reached through the campaign, please stay in touch.

And I’ll see you in a couple years in some darkened cinema.