Have you always wanted to be in the movies? Now’s your chance. We need extras to fill a church sanctuary and a 100-foot long picnic table on this Saturday (August 15th).


Monroe, OR, 17 miles south of Corvallis. We’re filming at the United Methodist Church on Orchard Street.


Saturday, August 15th at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Be there a few minutes early. The two big scenes will take approximately 3 hours. We could use some extras to hang around until about 4 p.m., too.

What to bring

This scene is a country church wedding and a potluck dinner reception. We’re actually filming the reception first. So bring a covered dish if you can (no prob if you can’t), and put it in the most obnoxious avocado, orange, bright red, dark blue, mint green or any other crazy color casserole dish. You’ll get to eat the set dressing, so think of it as a brunch that we’re going to film. This is the most important scene of the movie.

What to wear

Here are some notes from our Costume Designer:

Before you decide what to bring with you to the shoot, please check out the photo gallery at:http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=131940&id=830214501&l=ed66161b33. Most of these items we don’t actually have available (the ones we do have are marked), but the pictures will give you an idea of the “feel” that we’re going for in the film.

We’re going for a timeless look, so avoid anything modern-looking and anything that is (or has ever been!) hip or trendy. However, this doesn’t have to mean boring! Feel free to give your character a unique look. Every wedding has the eccentric uncle, silent great-aunt, etc.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. michelle.marie.xyz@gmail.com or 541-231-9640. I would also be happy to meet you at Goodwill to find you a great outfit! The more we can get done ahead of time, the less frantic we’ll be on shooting day. (And it’s really fun!)

RSVP and questions

threecrowsproductions@gmail.com or call 660.537.5009.