Three Crows Media will soon begin casting for our fist short film to be shot in August 2009 in the Willamette Valley.

Casting will take place on the OSU campus in Corvallis, OR at the Valley Library from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 6*, 2009. Check-in will be in room 1832. You must enter the library on the second floor and take the stairs down. Refer to the first floor map.

The short, with a working title of “A Country Wedding,” is being produced as a creative project and is not intended to realize a profit, though we hope that it will give professional experience to the cast and crew. The film will be submitted to film festivals internationally, and will also be used to garner interest in a feature version of the script. Actors and crew members will not be paid, but will come away with reel footage that they can use to build portfolios. This will be a community supported project made up of volunteers, though the producers have real film industry experience and will be focused on running a professional shoot.

The film tells a love story that takes place during a shotgun wedding in a small town. Two young people are forced to come to grips with their emotions while they are rushing headlong into uncertain and divergent futures.

We are casting for the following roles:

Charity – late teens to early 20s female lead – honest, sweet, pragmatic, she’s coming to grips with her pregnancy and struggling to keep her emotions in check

Jake – late teens to early 20s male lead – quiet, thoughtful, emotional; he’s madly in love with the bride but forced to watch the wedding from the sidelines

Billy Ardell – late teens to early 20s; reckless, sarcastic troublemaker; the town punk with a muscle car and a six-pack, and the last person you’d want your daughter to marry.

Jan – 40s – 60s male farmer and father of the bride – stoic, rugged and barely able to contain seething angst about his daughter’s situation

Nevada – 20s to 30s female – hangs around town with a group of locals, drifting through life causing trouble and refusing to grow up

Freddy – Rugged, monster truck-driving good old boy who doesn’t shy away from a day of hard work, but always favors a party, especially if free alcohol is served

Reverend Malachi – Thoughtful, soft spoken clergyman with a new age sensibility; likes to perform weddings and funerals outside without wearing shoes; reads Whitman as much as the Bible

Email us at to schedule a time to avoid lengthy waiting.

Actors should be prepared to present monologues and then give a dry read of new material that we will provide.

Headshots and acting resume welcome but not required. If no acting resume is available, please bring a brief bio.

* Note: originally we’d posted August 6…casting is actually going to be June 6, 2009; shooting begins in August.